• Saturday December 9th

    Milwaukee's Third Ward

  • Registration Includes;

    In Addition to participation to the event each Mini golfer will also get......

    • Sweet Bar Stool Open Swag!
    • Meal Voucher
    • Drink Specials at each bar on the course
    • Entrance to After Party
    • Chance to Win Great Prizes (bar tabs, Pedal Tavern Rides, and other cool area fun things) 
  • Scorecard (map) handed out day of event!!

    Each Team will be assigned a 9 bar course for the day

    This course will change a bit as we get closer to the event

  • Sign Up your Squad



    If you want to play the event with another team(s) please make sure to email us at mkebarstoolopen@gmail.com

  • Event FAQ's

    How many per team, is this flexible? 

    4-some’s are the way to go, but this year we’ve opened up registration for 2 and 3-some’s. YOUR TEAM MEMBERS DO NOT NEED TO BE DETERMINED IN ORDER TO REGISTER.

    Do you need to be 21 to play?

    Yes. As this is a mini golf PUB CRAWL, all participants must be at least 21 years of age. By registering for the event, all participants are stating that they are over the age of 21 and that they accept responsibility for any and all damages incurred to a hole location and to themselves should they not be 21. Also we check your ID at check in.

    I have lots of friends who also signed up for the event. Can we all golf together?

    While we can’t 100% guarantee that we can accommodate all requests, if there are groups you wish to play with, after all teams have registered, shoot us an e-mail at MKEbarstoolopen@gmail.com and let us know all the team names and we shall do our best to make it happen!

    What’s all this hype I hear about this awesome post party?

    From 4:30 to 7:00 we’re throwing the years’ biggest and best party at the Irish Pub (124 N Water St ). Complete with a DJ, and a Food Truck (food vouchers included for all golfers). Prizes will be handed out for various categories, our charity partner will be running a 50/50 raffle. Be there or be square!

    Do we need to bring putters or balls?

    Negative. We’ve got you covered like white on rice with this one. Balls will be provided to each golfer as part of your entry fee, and we’ve got each hole fully stocked with putters for righties and lefties. Feel free to bring your own putter if you’ve got some creepy connection to it, but we’re not responsible when you lose it.

    Does each team play the same 9 holes?

    Nope! We’ve got a bunch of bars on board for this great event, which allows us to spread all teams out, avoiding congestion throughout the course. Prior to the event starting, you will receive an e-mail indicating your starting location. The day of the event you will arrive to a friendly volunteer hole worker supplied with your score card. Your card will be in order from holes 1-9. All you have to do is follow the handy map on the back of your scorecard to get from hole to hole! Please play in the order indicated on your score card! Skipping holes is frowned upon, and generally leads to the congestion we’ve worked so hard to avoid!

    How long does it take to complete the event?

    The event is a shotgun start at 12:00 PM and all holes close @ 4:30 PM. Pace of play is encouraged. However, if you’re still on the course at 4 PM, you’ll find yourself in the LIGHTNING ROUND. From 4-4:30 PM only 1 GOLFER PER TEAM is allowed to take their best putt. Each team gets one mulligan so if you finish all 9 holes you can throw out the worst score.

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